#7 World Drama Wheel

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The world has been in existence since eternity and it will continue to be eternal as matter can neither be created nor destroyed, it only undergoes transformation from one form to another. 

The cycle of time explained by illustrating the "flow" of time. In the middle of it is the Fylfot (Swastika) dividing the Time into 4 equal parts. The Swastika is considered to be very auspicious. The cycle of 5 epochs, comprising Golden-Age, Silver Age, Copper-Age and Iron Age & Confluence Age repeats exactly every time after it has turned full wheel.

During every cycle, the souls who are actors on this world-drama stage will be the same. Just as in a tape record or a gramophone record, a whole song or drama is recorded and it repeats every time record is played, even so, a soul’s role in this world drama is recorded in the soul itself which is only self-luminous, conscient point. The soul replays the part once every 5000 years, as each one of the 4 eras of world-drama=1250years, duration of 1 World Cycle is 5000 years.

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