#1 Body and Soul

However marvelous a machine the body may be, it is the presence of non-physical conscious energy, the soul, which makes it function. We are not a flesh of 5 elements but in reality we are a living, spiritual energy point known as SOUL or ATMA, which is so small that it is not visible to the naked eye, but only the 3rd eye of divine wisdom can see the soul, our real self. 

A soul has three faculties - Mind, Intellect and Resolves. 

Mind is the thinking faculty of the soul. Intellect is used to assess thoughts. Predispositions (Sanskaras) are the "impressions" or "subconsciousness" which is the record of all the souls past experiences and actions. A soul is a tiny, metaphysical, conscient point of spiritual light which is eternal. There are a finite number of souls. They were never created, and will never be destroyed. Each soul is unique. Just as the driver drives the car but the driver is not car, similarly SOUL drives the body. The SOUL is seated between the eyebrows.

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