#6 Trimurti

The Supreme Soul, SHIVA is shown at Top . In order to accomplish the work of GENERATION, OPERATION & DESTRUCTION (GOD signifies above mentioned activities), 

God firstly creates 3 deities called Brahma, Vishnu & Shankar. Hence He’s called ‘Trimurti’. Shiva himself is incorporeal whereas Shankar has an angelic body, thus they both are different. After having created 3 deities, Shiva descends from his Supreme Abode (Param dham) into the body of a mediocre man as the incorporeal being requires human organs of speech to reveal Divine Knowledge.

Shiva gives a Divine name ’Prajapita Brahma’ to the person in whose body he descends. Simultaneously, through Shankara, God undertakes Destruction of this old, Iron-aged, vicious world. Many countries with science power will fight amongst them with atom bombs, hydrogen bombs and missiles. In India Civil War starts. 2 of the arms of Vishnu represent Shri Narayan & rest 2 of Shri Laxmi who rule in Satyug. Shiva exhorts mankind to make humanbeings become like Vishnu.

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